They – Part 1

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Dear J,

I should have left this town when you asked me. It has been two months since I received a letter from you, and I’m starting to worry. I wonder, though, if things are the same where you are because strange things are happening here.

Since David disappeared last January, others are mysteriously disappearing. David and I were ending our yearlong relationship, but I’m still worried about him.

Do you remember my next-door neighbors, the Johnsons? They lived in the apartment to the left of me. Mrs. Johnson knocked on my door last week, asking me if I had seen her husband. I could only tell her I hadn’t. When I saw her in the laundry room on Wednesday, she mentioned the strangest thing. She said, “I hope they didn’t take him too.” Who are THEY?

After talking to Mrs. Johnson, I remembered when everyone asked me if I thought they took my boyfriend. I didn’t notice how odd the question was. At the time, I was depressed about David’s disappearance.

Yesterday, on the news, I watched this poor distraught man pleading, crying, and imploring the public to find his wife. Again, he made the same strange statement, “I think they took her. A woman from two towns over reported her college-bound son missing. Her son was on his way to the campus library of an upstate New York college when he disappeared. Can you guess what she said? You got it. She said, “I think they took him.”

Am I missing something? It feels like I am in another dimension or something. Who the hell are THEY? I can’t walk through this town without sensing watchful eyes upon me. Will they take me too? Are they the Illuminati, the mafia, a terrorist group, aliens?

Are you watching the news? I find myself glued to the TV more now than I ever did before. The police have found ritualistic markings on trees along the edge of Convenium Park. With a name like that for a park, symbols on trees do not surprise me. People are whispering around town that loud chants are coming from the center of the park at night. I don’t know how true that is, though.

While walking through the neighborhood, I noticed various symbols on the doors of homes. It looked like someone other than the residents of those homes placed them there. Like I said before, things are strange in this town. Is a secret organization marking us? This is all freaking me out.

Someone put leaflets on the hoods of cars in the parking lot of my apartment complex. The leaflets claimed the Illuminati had nefarious plans for the world. So who are THEYwitches, or Illuminati? Maybe aliens are coming for us all. Yes, I’m feeling facetious. Is there a secret society among us, and THEY mean to infringe on our way of life? Conspiracies are everywhere these days.

I have one more thing to tell you, and I fear that it will only add to your silence. I ordered a cup of coffee at the Sunrise Coffee Shop, and I chose to sit outside. A woman walked by but slowed long enough to hand me an envelope. The envelope contained a card with a symbol of a spider’s web in the center, a number three on the left, and a number eight on the right. The woman never stopped, but kept walking. I yelled out to her, but she wouldn’t respond.

Do you have any idea what those symbols mean? I will need to do some research regarding their significance. Could I be their next victim, and what does this all mean?

If I am honest with myself, and with you, I’m scared. Please write to me—please. I am begging you. Are things the same where you are? Dammit. Something just occurred to me—did they take you too? Oh Gawd, no, I can’t think that way. I refuse. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. So… Please WRITE to me.

Forever your friend,


6 thoughts on “They – Part 1

  1. Thank you, Melanie! I am sure these letter collections will end up in a book at some point. Julie and I will determine when that will be.

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the ride. We welcome your comments!


  2. Thank you. We may never know what happened. My colleague, friend, and author Julie Kusma is busy writing part 2, which will publish Thursday, July 23. I find out what happens next the same time all of you do. Then, I’ll write part 3, which will publish July 30. Check back every Thursday for the next installment to this collaboration. There will undoubtedly be many twists and unexpected turns.


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