They – Part 2

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Dear Janelle, 

I suppose I owe you an apology for my absence these past few months. You won’t like this, but my work is all-consuming. I am pleased to learn you are well, albeit rattled by the local climate. Nonetheless, you are well. 

David’s disappearance startled us all, but as you pointed out, your relationship had ended despite this unfortunate event. I hoped you would have found a way to move on from such an unsavory man, but often one cannot make rhyme or reason of the heart. Surely, he is alive and attempting his scam on another unsuspecting woman. One more willing to acquiesce to his ridiculous demands than you. 

Strange is indeed the word of our time. Please, deliver my deepest condolences to your neighbor, Mrs. Johnson. I always found her husband odd. Perhaps he fled the chaos and lounges on some forsaken beach drinking fruity cocktails with paper umbrellas. I hope this for Mr. Johnson, but not for your David. That man deserves moral reprimand and criminal justice. 

As for the rest of your letter, don’t let your imagination drive you over the edge. Illuminati, the mafia, terrorists, and aliens? Oh, and you stated witches are at play? You must remain composed. I warned you the park would attract all sorts, do you remember? You were so delighted to have found a corner apartment facing east. All you would talk about was how delightful the morning sun would be as you bathed in its warmth, read a favorite novel, and sipped your cup of tea. 

I’m not surprised at the least the police report ritualistic markings in Convenium Park. After all, hundreds accused of witchcraft met their demise on the very spot. Dark energy like that doesn’t dissipate. It clings to the soil and screams at the heavens. 

I will tell you some things. In doing so, my aim is to calm you to a degree, but you must keep this to yourself. Do you promise me, Janelle? I know you far too well. Uncross your fingers, and say it out loud. 

The “they” you keep referring to is, in fact, T.H.E.I. and stands for Trustees of the Hollow Earth Institute. Commonly referred to by insiders as “The I.” Are you aware of Edmond Halley’s theory? Target your research efforts on this, but mind, you are being watched. We all are. 

This organization consists of millions of followers. I suspect you will learn of more and more disappearances as people are collected by The I. My firmest belief is these individuals were transported to a safe shelter within the center of our planet. More alarming, and my greatest concern revolves around the timing. Why now? There’s more, but I fear our correspondence already places you in the utmost danger. If only I had the database of members, we might stand a chance at stopping this, but the list has never been found. 

I’m going to tell you something else and you won’t much like it. The card was sent by me. I’m afraid my face is all too recognizable, and we need someone we can trust to infiltrate the organization. Another stranger, assigned by me, will find you at the Sunrise Coffee Shop one week from today and hand you an address. You must go to this location. The card will gain your entry. 

I put all my confidence in you. And remember, sensible heads prevail, Janelle. Sensible heads. 

Your friend, Jocelyne Matheson

4 thoughts on “They – Part 2

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. So happy you are enjoying our project. Every Thursday another letter posts. Follow our site and a link to each post will be delivered with to your email. We appreciate your support!


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