They – Part 3

Dear Jocelyne,

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to read your letter. First, I want to say you are correct about David. I saw him at the grocery store with a young twenty-something woman. He didn’t see me because I left immediately. I am glad he’s not my problem anymore.

Professor Kenneth Peterson, one of my former professors, called me last night. He taught Science and Technology for years before retiring two years ago. We keep in touch often. I asked him to tell me his thoughts on the disappearances, but he wouldn’t discuss the subject at his home. He asked me to meet him at a small warehouse he recently purchased. Once inside, I observed a display of computers and surveillance equipment. Photos of hundreds of people covered the wall. He claimed they mysteriously disappeared.

What I am about to tell you will connect a few dots in the mystery surrounding “The I” and abductions. Prof. Peterson asked me what I thought the missing people had in common. Of course, I didn’t recognize any commonalities. He said it’s all about their blood. It turns out they all have a negative Rhesus (Rh) factor. I told him my blood was “A negative,” and he voiced some concern for me.

I noticed large posters of Earth showing the north and south poles. Arrows pointed to both with the words “Proof of a hollow Earth.” Also, a curious thing happened. He gave me the same card you sent me—the one with the three, a web, and an eight. He wrote down a PO box number on the back of it in case I needed to contact him. Before I left, he told me to watch my back. I surmise he is communicating with the same people as you.

I left and made my way to the Sunrise Coffee Shop to collect the address you said would be delivered.  The woman who gave me the envelope wore sunglasses and a flowered scarf that she draped over her head and around her neck and shoulders. I grabbed her wrist before she left. I don’t understand what possessed me to ask her this, but I asked her what her blood type was. She said, “O negative.”

After leaving the coffee shop, I went to the library to research the Rhesus protein in blood. You probably wanted me to go directly to the location you provided, but I needed to find more information about Rh-negative blood since it affects me.

I discovered that only fifteen percent of human beings have a negative RH factor. Even more fascinating are the physical characteristics that include green or blue eyes and cool body temperatures. I possess both. What is also intriguing is the claim of heightened mental and emotional awareness of these individuals. My research made me wonder if witches are RH negative. That might explain their superior connection to nature and our planet.

Are you RH negative? I ask you this because of the many conspiracies about the negative RH factor in humans. If the recurrent denominator in the disappearing people is the absence of the Rhesus protein, then anyone who lacks the protein is in danger.

I admit I was nervous about the task you asked me to complete. But, it is imperative to take action against the brutal organization usurping control over the balance of our world.

The place you directed me to was down a back alley on the east side of town. I did as you requested and showed the card. A tall, muscular man allowed me inside. He led me to a back room with a staircase leading to the basement. As I entered, a group of men and women were watching surveillance cameras and combing through databases. A woman introduced herself to me as Lady Helena. She was a witch, and I suspect there were a few more in the room.

Helena explained to me that my blood would be the perfect disguise. “The I” would want me, but I should be aware that the “why” is still in question. I could face a dangerous situation. She thanked me for committing myself to the “3web8” mission and told me I would receive further instructions soon. By the way, she told me she was also RH negative. That’s interesting, don’t you think?

I asked her if I could use the messenger service that the “3web8” uses to send you my letters for added security. She told me it was at my disposal since I am now part of the “3web8” movement.

I will not lie about my feelings. I am scared, but I breathe deep and focus on the bigger picture. Today has been one of the most stressful, yet invigorating days I’ve had in quite some time. I am hoping to hear from you soon. It would comfort me if you told me what your role is within the “3web8.”

Love from your friend,


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