They – Part 4

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Dear Janelle,

I should be infuriated with you for going out on your own, but I suppose I knew that was exactly what you would do. I asked you to leave your beloved town and Convenium Park months ago. You refused. Why would I believe you would listen to me now? 

Might I also remind you, I warned you not to trust anyone? Yet you went to the industrial district alone to meet Peterson. Did it not occur to you how odd it was for a retired professor to purchase a warehouse and fill it with computers and surveillance equipment? Wherever did he get the funds for such an endeavor? Furthermore, how could he possibly know the blood types of missing people unless he has hacked their private medical records? He has an agenda, a dark and ominous one.  

You stated you believed Peterson and I are part of the same organization because he handed you a 3Web8 business card. If we were, he would know I had reached out to you. I suspect he used the same tactic I did on you. He wanted to see your reaction. I firmly believe if you had been compromised, you would never mention the organization’s name to me. For him, your acceptance of the same card from his hand proved your awareness of the organization.  

I’m sorry, Janelle. I had to be sure of your allegiance before I disclosed my discoveries. I’m afraid your former professor embedded himself on the wrong side of this treacherous conflict. More importantly, he’s behind the whole damned affair and has highjacked the 3Web8 organization’s identity. He uses our good name to further his nefarious, zealot cause.  

We learned our organization had been cloned, but we had never put a face to its leader. Now we can, and I owe plenty of thanks to you for uncovering this. Armed with this knowledge, my team’s investigation discovered Peterson is also the one behind the activities at Convenium Park. His followers, thousands of them, use ancient symbols to mark the occupants’ homes who lack the Rh antigen. The other houses, the ones without markings, are targeted by him for testing. These people will be kidnapped.

Peterson is convinced Rh-negative blood contains super immunity factors. Documentation exists that the majority of survivors of the Black Plague were individuals with this missing factor. Peterson believes something in their chemistry and the lack of this protein makes them impervious to bacteria, viruses, and certain biological chemicals.  

The nightly ceremonies are performed by his followers, disguised as witches, to create constant distractions. All the things you mentioned, the ritualistic markings and the chants in the park, are geared toward providing eyewitnesses and gives legitimacy to their false narrative. What better way to move about undetected than to play on people’s fears and stir up deep-seated memories of the witch hunts! 

As you revealed in your last letter, Peterson’s organization is brutal. He is hell-bent on the annihilation of those who aren’t Rh-negative. If he accomplishes this, he plans on controlling those remaining alive. 

Why do you believe Lady Helena is a witch? Did Peterson tell you this? This woman, whoever she is, is not part of the true 3Web8 or “The I.” She infiltrated our organization, and I do not want you to take direction from her. There are no witches, only these evildoers entrapping Rh-negative blood types for cruel experimentation.  

She lured you in and lulled a certain sense of security when she declared you a member and granted you full access. She plans to intercept our letters and to find me. Identifying who is an actual part of the real 3Web8 is impossible. Nothing is as it appears, Janelle. Nothing.  

I must confess something. My organization is guilty of condoning “The I” as they move about under the cloak of being devotees of Halley’s theories. We propagate stories about aliens and alien abductions as a cover for our actual work. Our mission— keep as many people safe as possible and prevent the kidnapping of more innocent people. Especially our fellow Rh-negatives. He tests their immunity by exposing them to deadly chemicals. We are not Guinea pigs! 

Make no mistake, Peterson is an imposter. He is not leading his flock to a better world. Instead, his devotees will be killed as soon as his greedy hands are on a serum that can keep him alive. At that point, he will unleash hell on this earth. But trust, we are watching him as he watches the world. 

I suppose I’ve told you quite enough, but between Peterson and Lady Helena, you are deep in the den of thieves. Not only have you exposed who’s behind this nefarious endeavor, but you have also exposed yourself as a perfect candidate for capture.

Please, be safe my friend.

Jocelyne Matheson

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