They – Part 5

Dear Jocelyne,

Your last correspondence confirmed your arrogance and sense of superiority. Throughout the years of our friendship, I have always known your deep-seated assumptions about my character. You never miss a chance to imply that you think I am weak, even though it is so subtle. You must realize; I am fully enlightened about your sentiments. I am glad I followed my instinct and stayed in town rather than follow you like a puppy on its best behavior.

I will address my friend, Ken Peterson. I told you in my last letter, he and I keep in touch. Ken is a wealthy man. Let me remind you, Jocelyne, many people purchase buildings for personal use. Why should he be any different?

There is a lot about the professor you aren’t privy to. I left you in the dark for a reason, and in the dark, you will stay. Although, I am sure your agents are reporting to you. These are dark times, and hacking into federal systems will become more necessary as time moves forward.

You are already knowledgeable of the blood-type connection. This surprised me. You also seem to know a lot about Ken’s business, and his comings and goings. If this is the case, then you would know Ken and his entire family are RH negative, but you act as though he is not. Yes, I have proof of his blood type. It is more plausible to me that he would be most likely to take our side than not. Your accusations don’t make sense. Ken is not willing to harm anyone who has a negative blood type.

I find it curious that you would deliberately send me to a location only to berate me for trusting the very people you sent me to. Testing my allegiance because I didn’t leave town on demand is absurd. Lady Helena and I shared a rewarding exchange of conversation. She revealed her status as a witch, hoping that I would be open to working with her. Helena provided me with proof, and I will not disclose it to you since you are surprisingly closed-minded. Alternatively, is it that you are trying to divert me from the truth?

While I spoke to Helena about the disappearances, blood type, and motives, I asked her if she knew of any other clusters of 3web8 members. She disclosed several, including Ken. Interestingly, she never mentioned your name, causing me to believe that you are not part of the 3web8 movement. I decided not to bring your name into our discussion. I wanted to wait for your letter—to find out what you said about the details I gave you.

I don’t believe that “The I” and the 3web8 organizations are connected, nor do they want the same outcome. You claim that Helena and Ken are imposters who have infiltrated your organization. I wonder, though, if you are the imposter. Perhaps you are using me as a pawn in your game—laughing at me as I do your bidding. You twist things to suit your plan while claiming knowledge of Ken’s and Helena’s agendas.

Here’s what I think. You are part of “The I” who is deceiving people and projecting fake news and false claims of aliens and witches. You do this to cause doubt and hysteria, making it difficult for the Wiccan community to glean any help from outside sources. You diminish the credibility of witches. Then, there is the 3web8; they are the ones trying desperately to protect the masses, especially the Rh-negative citizens of the world. Although, I do suspect that some information your organization conveys has some truth.

You, Jocelyne, and your minions are the imposters and the infiltrators. I believe you’ve mistakenly divulged your organization’s evil intentions. You underestimate my investigative abilities. Information comes to those who seek truthfulness.

Please do not contact me again. I am not your puppet. Do your own dirty work. Take heed, though, we who are the true 3web8 are aware of everything around us, including who our enemies are.



Jill Yoder is currently working on an expanded version of this short story series. To read more from this author and get a notification when the expanded version publishes, follow, or subscribe to this author’s website, Jill Yoder – Inspired Pen.

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