Polarized, Entry Four

Therapy entry, October 29 


There is no getting rid of me. Dr. Medford is a fool. We’re entwined, sprung forth from the same soul into this miserable world. Although I must say, my world is a little more pleasant without Cole yapping about. What about yours? 

You do make me laugh. You can’t keep things from me: not your thoughts, your journal, or your deeds. We are one, remember? Besides, under the mattress is the first place everyone looks. It would serve you to think more like me because I’m good at hiding things from you. A little too good, you’ll see. 

We agree on one point— never expect a man to be flawless, broken perhaps, or even in pieces. Of course, this made taunting Cole such fun, especially the last time the two of us played together. Rest assured, I harbor no plans to keep him from you. His perfect symmetrical, albeit fragmented self is already home. He’s been right here the whole time, and I’m sure he’s ready for a little game of hide-n-seek. I know I am. 

You won’t look, though, will you? You’re afraid of what you’ll find. Evergreen didn’t make you stronger. We’re both aware the strength comes from me. The residue of my power is what you feel. Enjoy it, and bask in the knowledge that I’ve fixed everything for you— for us. 

I do want you to succeed. I was hoping you might think of this as an opportunity to show me your vigor. All you must do is remain in charge. Oh, and navigate the discovery of my surprise with success. Our very existence depends on this. So, take your turn and protect us. If you need help, maybe your other friends can come to your aid? Where are they, by the way? Are they lined around the block? Or are they waiting for you in Evergreen’s community room? 

I grow tired of this, so indulge in your nap if you must. But don’t expect to wake and find Cole has appeared out of thin air. No, you’ll have to hunt him down. Here’s a hint, he’s not watching TV. However, that would have been amusing if I only thought of it earlier. I can’t imagine the expression on your face had I arranged such a scene. I’d attempt this masterpiece now, but the feat would ruin my nails. Oh, do you like them? A French manicure is my favorite. 

Now, don’t let my words rouse you to panic. Last clue— your beloved is on the main floor. That’s all I will reveal. Tick-tock, Jorja. Time threatens to decay all pleasure from my delicious game. 

Hugs and kisses, 

P.S. Don’t wear our green slippers; they’ll be ruined. I suggest the vermilion pair. 

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