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Polarized, Entry Five

Therapy entry, November 5


Okay. Fine. So, I can’t get rid of you. However, I can fight you at every turn. At least I’ll try to. Wait, perhaps I’ll show you just how strong I am. You think of me as the weakest link in our relationship. Your weakness, though, is overconfidence—it often blinds you to things I do without your help.

I know you did something to Cole. I’m smart enough to figure that out. No, I don’t want to believe it, but there it is. I suspected your involvement by your sadistic mind games.

You love to taunt me and tease me. I am the mouse to your cat. You treat me like a meal to be played with before tearing my mind to pieces. If there is anything I’ve learned from Dr. Medford, it is that I have more control than I ever imagined. My problem is, I forget how to harness that strength and power.

You’ve stolen so much from me, yet I keep allowing you to stay. We are a dysfunctional and co-dependent duo. I suppose I like you to do all the dirty deeds and deal with all the fallout so I can take refuge in my dreams.

It is those dreams that weakened my spirit. I remained unaware of reality and my surroundings. I am changing, though. I saw the manicure and knew it was you who had it done. I also noticed our brows and the extra piercing in our ears. Who do you want us to be? You never ask me what I like or dislike.

Where on the main floor did you hide my husband? Did you lock him in his man cave? I don’t have a key to that room, though. Did you tie him up and muzzle him? No wonder he wants to stay away. You do such nasty things to him.

I have more to say to you but will take a break and start dinner. I hope you don’t bother me.

Judith, you are one sick and demented piece of human crap. How could you do such a heinous thing? I wanted to cook a couple of steaks for Cole and me. I went to the freezer inside the garage, and what do you think I pulled out first? It was a plastic grocery bag with something inside it. When I looked, it was a hand with Cole’s wedding band on the index finger.

I feel as though I am having a heart attack. How could you? Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, I saw something odd in the middle of some chicken—it was his foot. How can you be part of me? I would never do what you did. I can’t bear to look any further inside the freezer. Where is the rest of his body?

I hate you, Judith, and I want you gone. I am so afraid to call the police. I didn’t kill Cole. Did you maim him and leave him to bleed? They will blame me; I know they will. You are going to be our doom.

ENOUGH! Both of you are fools. You are pathetic little Jorja, hiding in your fantasies. You, Judith—the wannabe alpha wolf; you are nothing but a puppy looking for momma’s milk. I am like a spider weaving my web—catching the two of you as if you are crumbs to feed on. Did I surprise and shock the two of you? Let me introduce myself. I am Justyce. I will be in charge from this point forward.

I discarded hubby’s body and will take care of the remaining body parts. Did I tell you we are moving? I think Las Vegas will make a wonderful place to play and hustle unsuspecting tourists, don’t you? Oh, and don’t worry, your identities are safe with me. You’ll both be traveling under my name and social security number. Nobody will make a connection. Yes, I am that good—the best con you’ll ever know, among other dark things.

A change in hair color is necessary. I think black is lovely. Oh, and we will no longer have blue eyes. No, that won’t do. I think blackish-brown contact lenses will be perfect. I do like the triple ear piecing’s, though. That’s one thing you did right, Judith. Look out, Las Vegas, Justyce is on her way.

Now, the two of you keep your mouths shut and stay out of my head. I own this body; you two are just along for the ride—or should I say you are the dirt beneath my feet?

Au revoir, my dear friends


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