Between Friends

Don’t think it strange I’ve left you this letter, but the first two days without you were terrible. I understand. Our lives are busy, and we usually play phone tag when we try to reach each other. I’m sure I would miss you if I had a signal and tried to call. I wanted to celebrate with you.

I do, however, appreciate you leaving word in town. Mrs. Buckley was more than happy to inform me you would not be joining me. She went on to ask a million questions like how we knew each other and why we purchased the old Strangler place. I, of course, divulged nothing, not that there’s anything to tell. I just don’t like the third-degree treatment of some old busybody. I know, I know, I can hear you now. We purposely chose a small town. Quaint. Friendly. What we both were searching for, and you’re right, Pierre is the perfect place.

Anyway, the cottage, our cottage, is wonderful. For the most part, it appears like the images we viewed online in the 3D tour. Except the bathroom is tinier than I imagined, or I’m a little larger than I believed. I do wish you had been here. I left two bottles of wine in the kitchen. I didn’t think it fair for me to drink your share along with mine, but note, I did consider it. 

You should be proud of me. I cleaned everything as you would. Yes, yes, I wiped the base mold and the window sills. We never discussed it, but the curtain fabric is lovely. I hope you won’t mind; I washed and rehung them. They’re much brighter clean. I also took the liberty to purchase a few items in town; a broom and dustpan, a new iron, and a coffee pot. Nothing crazy. I stuck with standard, middle-of-the-road varieties on the appliances, and I bought a huge box of assorted chocolates and consumed the entire contents. The bathroom feels even smaller now. 

Oh, I nearly forgot. In the closet off the living room, I found a box taped shut. I probably should have waited until next month, but the isolation got the better of me, and I tore the damn thing open. You’ll never guess what was inside. Turn around. Look at the bookcases beside the fireplace. Yes, the shelves are full of books. Now, go closer. On the top shelf, all the way to the right, read the spine. The book’s a first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee signed it. Careful when you take a peek. I believe the value at around $17,000. Three zeros!

We shall discuss this next when we meet. We are meeting next month, aren’t we? I do hope we can. It’s been forever. There are so many things I want to share with you about life, about Mark, my children, the dog, my job– oh gawd, about everything.

I’ll call during my layover, but I left the book as a surprise. I won’t have told you that part. Until next month, your dearest friend, Jackie.

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